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Welcome to the new Capita Library Management Systems forums. These forums are intended to facilitate and encourage discussions regarding all aspects of life managing and using our Library management products. The previous forums still exist in a read-only capacity and it is hoped that restructuring the forums will result in a an improved and more frequently used service. If there are any specific aspects of the previous forums that you feel are missing and you would like to see, please discuss here.

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Forum ATOM feeds (RSS)

Postby Mark Travis » Mon Jan 23, 2012 6:19 pm

Here are feeds that you can currently use on the forums:

Board-wide feed = Feed with 10 most recent posts from all topics in all forums.
URL = feed.php

New topics feed = Board wide feed with the first post of 15 most recent topics in all forums.
URL = feed.php?mode=topics

Active topics feed = Feed that shows 15 last posts, not older then 7 days, for forums that have "Display active topics" enabled.
URL = feed.php?mode=topics_active

News feed = Feed that shows first post of the topics in selected forums.
URL = feed.php?mode=news

Forums feed = Feed that shows a list of all forum titles (not the contents), excluded those forums you have no access to, but including passworded forums (not considered as bug).
URL = feed.php?mode=forums

For forum or topic specific feeds use the following:

Per-forum feeds = Feed with 10 most recent posts from all topics in the selected forum.
URL = feed.php?f=[ForumID]

Per-topic feeds = Feed with 10 most recent posts from the selected topic.
URL = feed.php?f=[ForumID]&t=[TopicID]

[ForumID] and [TopicID] can be found by hovering over a thread/forum.

We are currently looking into an easier way to subscribe to forum/thread feeds.
Mark Travis

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